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Let’s start with the big one: The Ed Sheeran Illusion is the only Ed Sheeran tribute act in the world to use one of Ed’s Stadium Edition Wee Lowdens, given to him by Ed himself; a direct endorsement.

This is backed up with a WL-25 (the first Lowden type Ed used, and still does!) and two Sheeran by Lowden WO3’s.

We spend a huge amount of time making sure every detail is accounted for in the show, and guitars are a huge part of that!


Ed uses a custom loop station called The Chewie Monsta. We have a full system replica we call The Chewie Imposta, complete with a unique replica pedal, modelled after Ed Sheeran’s own pedal.

There are NO BACKING TRACKS at this show; every song is LIVE LOOPED just like Ed’s!

We strive to match every layer of every loop to Ed’s live performances. It’s the detail that makes the show believable.


I’ll let the image do the talking here.

Got a particular outfit in mind? Let us know when you book!

From flannel shirts, to long sleeve t-shirts to bare tattoos and the signature ginger hair, we’ve got it all!

Standard outfit includes a flannel shirt for the first set and tattoos out for the second.


Our show comes with a full PA and light show included in the booking price.

But we are the only Ed Sheeran tribute act in the world to have a fully synced light show to the pedal. From strobes, to moving head lights, this will be the most intense tribute show you’ve probably ever been to.

PA: Yamaha DBR 12s & Alto TS212s subs (PA may vary depending on venue size).

Wireless: 2 x XSW 2-e865s (channel 38).



Previous venues have included Carfest North (to 35k+ people) and theatres/clubs such as Venue Cymru and Pryzm Watford.

But we’ve also done parties in front rooms to 12 people, social clubs to 200 and pubs to 50.

Whatever size your event is, give us a shout and we’ll help you achieve the show you had in mind.

If you’re ready to book, check out the form below. It will email you with the estimated cost of an event at your venue.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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45 minutes

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